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Super Solar Installers is a company you can rely on for all of your solar installation needs!

In the Sacramento, Stockton & Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield Region, we offer the best solar installation service!

Residential Solar

Super Solar Installers offers residential solar solutions that can turn your property into an ecologically friendly powerhouse. Our passionate staff is committed to giving you a remarkable solar experience that is customized to your particular requirements.

Find out what makes our household solar systems advantageous.

Installing solar panel
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We are specialists in installing premium sun panels that use the sun’s energy to power your own home with easy, green strength, whether they sit down on rooftops or on the ground.

By storing extra solar power to be used in the course of top call for hours or durations of low sunlight, superior battery storage systems will let you reap maximum energy storage.

By the usage of the sun’s electricity to heat your house’s water, sunwater heating structures assist you reduce your carbon footprint and energy fees.

By the usage of sustainable sun strength to circulate clean air at some stage in your own home, solar-powered ventilation structures can improve indoor air satisfaction and lower cooling expenses.

Discover the infinite possibilities of solar energy and work with us to build a future that is cleaner and more secure for future generations. For all of your residential solar needs, choose Super Solar Installers to reduce prices and emissions right away.

Super Solar Installers

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Punctual Arrival Options

Select an arrival time that works for your schedule, and we promise to be on time. To make your experience even better, we give you a call to let you know when our crew is on their way, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient solar installation procedure.

Satisfaction Beyond Expectations

Super Solar Installers goes beyond to earn your trust. We stand out for our commitment to going well above, which makes us the best option for your solar contracting requirements.

Professional Excellence

Our clean staff represents punctuality, professionalism, and a robust sense of urgency. At Super Solar Installers, we take great satisfaction in providing outstanding service, guaranteeing accuracy and commitment in every facet of your solar installation.

Swift Solar Activation

Super Solar Installers offers the ease of rapid solar activation. With our quick delivery, you can be guaranteed that your system will be fully operating in just a few hours, giving you continuous access to clean energy right now.

Licensed & Insured Assurance

Knowing that our crew possesses both a license and insurance allows you to feel secure. Super Solar Installers places a high value on professionalism and availability, giving you peace of mind that your solar project is in good hands.

Green & Quality Installations

Put sustainability first by working with Super Solar Installers. Our dedication to environmentally responsible methods is demonstrated by the high-quality, sustainably sourced equipment we utilize for your solar installation.



Super Solar Installers offers a wide choice of solar energy systems to guarantee maximum power and cost savings. Our knowledgeable staff installs solar panels, inverters, and storage batteries along with serving the areas of Bakersfield, Fresno, and Sacramento. Being familiar with various kinds of renewable energy technology is something we are proud of, as it guarantees a smooth and effective setup procedure. Beyond just installation, we also offer system maintenance and updates that ensure optimal operation. Put trust in Super Solar Installers that will deliver renewable energy solutions to your doorstep with precision and professionalism.

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Commercial Solar

With the extensive commercial solar solutions offered by Super Solar Installers, you can strengthen your company’s dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff offers customized solar solutions to satisfy the different requirements of companies of all sizes. We have a thorough awareness of the unique demands of commercial clients.

Learn about the variety of business solar solutions we provide:

Super Solar
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Our area of expertise is creating and implementing solar panel systems that are optimally suited for usage in factories, warehouses, and other commercial buildings.

By enabling companies to store excess solar energy, our modern battery storage systems improve overall energy stability and guarantee supply during periods of high demand.

To achieve powerful heating and cooling answers, optimize strength utilization, and keep working charges, combine current solar thermal generation into your business HVAC systems.

With our sun-powered lighting solutions, you may pick out environmentally responsible alternatives even as minimizing your influence on the surroundings. We provide sustainable mild options for parking lots, door areas, and signs and symptoms.

In every commercial solar installation job, we at Super Solar Installers put dependability, effectiveness, and long-term performance first. Partner together with Super Solar Installers to take your company on a journey to a greener, eco-friendly, and healthier tomorrow.

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