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Super Solar Installers is a qualified company that does not stop at installing solar panels; we also install solar batteries. As a significant participant in the solar energy sector, we are aware of the significance technologies for storing energy are to optimizing the benefits of renewable energy. 

Our team of highly skilled techs and engineers brings years of experience in the field to every solar battery installation project. We are aware that an effective and sustainable solar energy system must include energy storage. We make sure our customers get the most cutting-edge and dependable solar battery options out there.

Choosing Super Solar Installers as a partner for solar battery installation entails choosing a company committed to quality and expertise. We surpass the norm by including cutting-edge batteries in addition to solar panel installation. 

Come and help us at Super Solar Installers capture the power of the sun to power not just our present energy requirements but also a more solid and renewable energy future.

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Quick Installation Procedure

We guarantee an easy integration of your solar battery installation within less than a day thanks to our quick response time. This implies there are no unnecessary lags in beginning to enjoy the benefits of stored solar energy.

Timeliness Is Important

You are free to select an arrival window that works with your schedule. We are proud of our punctuality and promise to arrive within the selected window of time. We also offer a courtesy call when our crew is on their way, just for your convenience.

Top-Rate Service Dedication

We aim to ensure an easy solar battery installation process for your solar batteries. We constantly go above and above to satisfy any special requirements or preferences you may have from our team.

Same/Next Day

Super Solar Installers provides fast service which is what you're looking towards. Take advantage of our same-day or next-day service to swiftly restore your solar battery to full capacity.

A Licensed and Insured Group

Our team of licensed specialists who have full insurance coverage installs solar batteries. This gives you peace of mind by guaranteeing that we are stocked and ready to deliver outstanding service.

Our top priority is your satisfaction.

At Super Solar Installers, meeting and exceeding your needs comes first. Our steadfast dedication is to make sure that our solar battery installation services completely satisfy you. With Super Solar Installers, you can embrace the sustainable energy of the future where excellence and efficiency collide.



Super Solar Installers offers a wide choice of solar energy systems to guarantee maximum power and cost savings. Our knowledgeable staff installs solar panels, inverters, and storage batteries along with serving the areas of Bakersfield, Fresno, and Sacramento. Being familiar with various kinds of renewable energy technology is something we are proud of, as it guarantees a smooth and effective setup procedure. Beyond just installation, we also offer system maintenance and updates that ensure optimal operation. Put trust in Super Solar Installers that will deliver renewable energy solutions to your doorstep with precision and professionalism.

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