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A unique opportunity to include innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly from the ground up is presented by new construction. At Super Solar Installers, we understand how crucial it is to minimize the impact on the environment and boost energy utilization when combining renewable energy sources into new construction projects. 

Our team of professionals specializes in the smooth integration of solar energy systems into newly constructed buildings, making sure that every detail is well thought out and carried out. We collaborate closely with architects, builders, and developers to develop unique solar solutions that satisfy the particular demands and requirements for every project, from the first design discussions to the last installation.

By integrating solar power and other renewable energy technology into new building projects, our clients can reduce their dependency on standard sources of energy and save maintenance expenses over time. Our commitment to staying current with technological advancements ensures that our company offer the most creative and practical solar solutions available.

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Swift Installation for New Construction

Super Solar Installer's dedication to prompt installation extends to newly constructed projects. We recognize the significance of quickly integrating solar solutions into your new construction to guarantee the adoption of clean, sustainable energy without excessive postponements.

Punctuality You Can Rely On

In our service, punctuality is crucial. We promise to be there on time, so please select a time of arrival that works with your construction schedule. To ensure an efficient and well-organized installation process, we provide a courtesy call while the team is on their way.

Top-Tier Service for Seamless Success

Our first-rate service is intended to ensure that your new construction solar energy system is a complete success. Understanding the special difficulties associated with new buildings, we go above and beyond to guarantee a quick and efficient installation.

Same/Next Day Service for Immediate Needs

Do you need something completed quickly? One of our most notable features is the same/next-day service option, which demonstrates our dedication to meeting urgent installation demands as soon as possible.

Certified & Insured Professionals

Because we are committed to safety, our solar panel installation staff has obtained certification and insurance. This ensures that we have all we need to provide outstanding service for your upcoming building project.

Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment

We ensure your satisfaction by including sustainable and effective solar solutions in your new construction project and by being committed to quick installation, on-time delivery, first-rate service, and trained specialists.



Super Solar Installers offers a wide choice of solar energy systems to guarantee maximum power and cost savings. Our knowledgeable staff installs solar panels, inverters, and storage batteries along with serving the areas of Bakersfield, Fresno, and Sacramento. Being familiar with various kinds of renewable energy technology is something we are proud of, as it guarantees a smooth and effective setup procedure. Beyond just installation, we also offer system maintenance and updates that ensure optimal operation. Put trust in Super Solar Installers that will deliver renewable energy solutions to your doorstep with precision and professionalism.

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