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Super Solar Installers prides itself on its reliability, professionalism, and commitment to eco-friendly solar power in Elk grove. If you need to lower your electric bill and stop paying more for rate increases, you can trust them to be respectful of your property and to properly install all solar panel projects, big and small.

We provide a full-range of solar installation services, including roof installation, solar battery installation, commercial solar, solar panel cleaning, and a 25-year warranty for your convenience and peace of mind.

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General Solar installation in Elk grove

Over time issues with electricity can pile up anywhere! Blackouts, power surges, rising cost of electricity, it affects just about everyone. Often we do not notice these common issues piling up until it’s too late.  Now you’re left wondering wow where did all of this go wrong and how do I do some damage control?

Well, Super Solar Installers  is here to help you with that! Our team of professionals stands ready to help you get rid of your electricity problems in a simple and affordable way. Whether you’re in a rural area, middle of the city, at the peak of a mountain, and any other location where you need solar on your property, we are here to help. For business owners: whether it’s that old office causing work interruption, or simply large bills stacking up, it all has to be fixed somehow. We’ll Install the most up-to-date solar equipment, leaving your power working efficiently and looking professional. It doesn’t matter if the job is as small as one unit or multiple floors, we’ll take it on. We go above and beyond for our customers. We work very quickly and efficiently so we do not take up your valuable time you can spend doing things you love. So why wait? Schedule online or give us a call for a 100% free estimate.

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Super Solar Installers provides fast, dependable solar contracting services in and around Elk grove. Whether you require solar panel installation, solar field installation, solar battery installation, reducing your carbon footprint, or any of our other services, we are equipped and ready to help! Reach out to us today to book your appointment!

On-Demand Solar Contractors, Installation and Maintenance Services in Elk grove

With hundreds of 5-Star reviews, Super Solar Installers is the leading go to Solar Contractor and Solar Panel Installer in Elk grove. We offer top of the line affordable solar installation and contracting services. In addition to being very responsive to our customers, we strive to offer same day services and we’re insured to handle all our customers’ requests for solar panels, solar batteries,, solar fields, and many other solar needs.



We install almost anything having to do with your solar energy. So, whatever you need to get optimal power and savings, call Super Solar Installers to set it up for you. Here’s just a few of the common items we install and the services we offer in the Sacramento, Fresno, and Bakersfield communities.

don’t see your item on the list? We still most likely install it!

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The easy solar power solution in Elk grove

Do you have power outages, power surges, terrible service, or a looming electric bill you need to make disappear? Getting rid of your old power company in Elk grove has never been easier! When we can offer upfront, honest pricing and guaranteed lower prices there is no reason not to choose Super Solar Installers for your solar power needs. If you have a steadily increasing electric bill or unreliable service, hire your local Elk grove solar contractor to get rid of that mess for you. We can install almost any solar equipment we can get our hands on, without you ever lifting a finger. We’ll install solar panels wherever you’re located in the Elk grove Area, and we won’t leave a scratch or speck of dirt behind. Contact us for professional solar contractor services in Elk grove and get an affordable way to save the planet and get rid of that electric bill!


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