Legal Disclaimer for Super Solar Installers (supersolarinstallers.com):

This legal disclaimer serves as a comprehensive and legally binding document that outlines the terms, conditions, and limitations governing the use of the Super Solar Installers platform. Users of this platform are expected to fully understand and adhere to the following:

$100 Visa Reward Disclaimer:

  • The $100 Visa reward is exclusively available to customers who have successfully completed the installation of solar services through contractors connected via our platform.
  • Specific terms and conditions governing the $100 Visa reward will be provided upon the successful installation of solar services. Any attempt to fraudulently claim this reward will be considered a breach of our terms, subject to legal action.

Partnering with Local Entities:

  • Super Solar Installers may enter into collaborations with local entities and contractors to meet your solar installation needs.
  • It is imperative to comprehend that we do not directly provide solar installation services. Any contractual agreements, warranties, or responsibilities related to the installation shall be solely and exclusively between you and the selected service provider. Super Solar Installers disclaims any legal obligation or liability for such agreements.

Connecting Company:

  • Super Solar Installers functions as a connecting company, exclusively facilitating the connection between homeowners seeking solar installation services and local contractors.
  • We do not engage in the actual installation process or provide solar services ourselves. Our role is strictly limited to acting as an intermediary to connect you with qualified professionals. No legal obligations beyond this are assumed by Super Solar Installers.

Independent Contractors:

  • All contractors listed on this site are independent entities and have no legal employment relationship with Super Solar Installers.
  • Super Solar Installers explicitly disclaims any guarantee or warranty, whether express or implied, regarding the quality, efficiency, or outcomes of the work performed by these contractors. It is the legal responsibility of homeowners to conduct due diligence, verifying that the chosen contractor possesses the necessary licenses and insurance required for the specific solar installation work. Any disputes, liabilities, or claims arising from such contracts shall be the sole responsibility of the contracting parties, excluding Super Solar Installers from any legal repercussions.

Depiction of Persons:

  • Any individuals depicted in photos or videos on our site are actors or models and have no legal association with the contractors listed on our platform.
  • These visual representations are utilized for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute endorsements, representations, or affiliations with specific contractors. Any legal misinterpretation of these visuals will not release users from their obligations under this disclaimer.

No Warranty or Guarantee:

  • Super Solar Installers unequivocally disclaims any legal obligation to provide a warranty or guarantee regarding the quality, performance, or outcomes of the services provided by the contractors listed on our platform.

Homeowner Responsibility:

  • It is a non-negotiable legal responsibility of homeowners to ensure that the contractor they select is appropriately qualified, licensed, and insured to perform the solar installation services they require.
  • Super Solar Installers strongly recommends obtaining references, checking reviews, and verifying credentials before entering into any contractual agreement. Failure to do so does not absolve homeowners from their legal responsibilities or liabilities, which shall remain intact and enforceable under the law.

By using supersolarinstallers.com, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this legal disclaimer, which constitutes a legally binding contract between you and Super Solar Installers. Users are urged to seek legal counsel if they have any doubts about the legality and enforceability of these terms.

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